First commercial operation of GE 9HA.02 gas turbine

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Southern Power Generation’s Track 4A Power Plant, a 1,440-megawatt combined cycle gas power plant in Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia officially began operations this week, marking the first commercial operation of GE Power's 9HA.02 turbines.  The 9HA.02 turbine incorporates the company’s latest technology, including combustors that are capable of running up to 50% hydrogen.

The plant features two single-shaft generating blocks, each equipped with a 9HA.02 gas turbine and  a STF-D650 steam turbine,  driving a W88 generator, and, for the first time installed in an H-Class Plant, a GE Once Through Heat Recovery Steam Generator delivering higher combined cycle efficiency. The plant is controlled by GE’s Mark* VIe integrated Plant Control System.  Equipped with a single Operator Interface and common troubleshooting tools, plant personnel can operate the plant more efficiently and, when issues do arise, rapidly recover to improve overall plant availability.


This plant was constructed with the Taiwanese EPC partner, CTCI, and consists of two generating blocks, each equipped with the highly efficient gas turbine, a steam turbine, a generator, and a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) from GE. In addition, under the terms of a 21-year agreement, GE will provide services and digital solutions to improve asset visibility, reliability, and availability of the Track 4A plant