First GE Vernova H-Class Turbine Completed at Saudi Facility

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The hydrogen-ready gas turbine will be installed at the Jafurah Cogeneration Independent Steam and Power Plant (ISPP).

During a ceremony held in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, GE Vernova rolled out the first H-class gas turbine assembled at the country’s GE Saudi Advanced Turbines (GESAT) facility. GE Vernova also entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Saudi Export-Import Bank (EXIM)—the deal allows GE Vernova to export its goods and services from Saudi Arabia.

“GE Vernova has close to 90 years of legacy in the Kingdom, reflecting our commitment to advancing the country’s goals for energy security, economic diversification, and talent development under Saudi Vision 2030,” said Joseph Anis, President and CEO of GE Vernova Gas Power in Europe, Middle East and Africa. “The rollout of the first HA unit completed at GESAT is a testament to our efforts in further deepening power sector capabilities in the Kingdom. The high efficiency and hydrogen-readiness of our H-class turbines can support the country’s energy transition, as the turbines can rapidly ramp up or down to support grid stability as more intermittent renewables are integrated into the energy system.”


GESAT, located in Dammam, is a gas turbine and component manufacturing facility and a joint venture between GE Vernova and Dussur. The new H-class unit will power the Jafurah Cogeneration ISPP and, by 2030, the Jafurah gas field is expected to produce up to 630,000 barrels of natural gas liquids and condensates and over 420 million standard cubic feet of ethane per day.

“We are incredibly proud of GESAT’s accomplishments in driving industrial localization within the Kingdom’s energy sector in support of Saudi Vision 2030,” said Hisham Al Bahkali, President of GE Vernova in Saudi Arabia. “GESAT strengthens ‘Made in Saudi’ capabilities and, since 2018, has exported 200+ accessory modules for power plants generating more than 11 GW. GESAT is now further growing its ongoing success with the rollout of an advanced gas turbine completed in Saudi Arabia.”

According to the MoU, GE Vernova’s export of goods and services will be supported through lending and insurance from the Saudi EXIM Bank. GESAT, both in design and capability, can deliver technology for export and the MoU furthers this export project potential.

Late last month, GE Vernova secured an order from SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Co. for six 7HA.03 gas turbines and two 7E.03 gas turbines for two new power plants in Saudi Arabia—Taiba 1 in the western region and Qassim 1 in the central region. GE Vernova also signed a 21-year service agreement to support plant operations with an ACWA Power subsidiary, National Operations & Maintenance Co.

Taiba 1 and Qassim 1 plants are slated to deliver up to 3.8 GW of electricity to the grid—equivalent to the required power needs of approximately 1.2 million homes in Saudi Arabia. The plants will be completed in 2027 and can be equipped with post-combustion carbon-capture systems to reduce CO2 emissions in the Kingdom. The 7HA.03 gas turbines can also burn up to 50% by volume of hydrogen blended with natural gas.

As part of the 21-year service contract, GE Vernova will conduct maintenance and repair and supply parts. The company’s Monitoring & Diagnostics Center is expected to oversee real-time operating conditions and offer remote diagnostics tools using digital analytics technology.