Fluid Film Shoe Temperature Patterns

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A temperature sensor mounted at the 75/75 position can provide the critical shoe temperature for that one, fixed location, but cannot indicate the temperature pattern over the entire shoe surface. In order to demonstrate the localized nature of the critical temperature region, we rely on isotherms (lines of constant temperature) based upon an array of 9 thermocouples evenly distributed across the shoe surface, plus a tenth thermocouple at the 75/75 location. The sensors are embedded in the babbitt material, approximately 0.03" (0.76 mm) below the shoe working surface. Values from all ten thermocouples are curve-fit in the circumferential and radial directions to obtain intermediate temperature values at other locations on the shoe. These combined measured and intermediate temperatures are plotted as isotherms in the accompanying illustrations.

The isotherms shown here demonstrate the changing temperature patterns which develop under various operating conditions.


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