Four Sprint LM6000s power combined cycle in Russia

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Quadra Power Generation's Voronezh CHPP-1 combined-cycle power plant achieved the start of commercial operation on February 1st, using four of GE’s SPRINT LM6000 gas turbines. The 223 MW Voronezh Power Plant— owned by Quadra Power Generation, one of Russia’s largest territorial generating companies — was commissioned in 1933. The new power unit is expected to increase the total power plant’s reliability and efficiency to support the gradual decommissioning of the technically obsolete equipment present at the old plant.

Evgeny Zhadovets, chief engineer of  Quadra – Power Generation, said: “This power plant provides heat and power to more than half of Voronezh city’s residential buildings, as well as industrial and social facilities. It is extremely important that the new combined-cycle power unit of the Voronezh CHPP-1 will allow us to reach new heights in the reliability of the city’s heat supply, increasing electric power output by 50% and improving energy efficiency.”

GE’s LM6000 aeroderivative technology provides greater flexibility through its fast-start capability (down to five minutes from cold iron), daily/multiple startups with no impact on the equipment maintenance cost and through its low turndown level. An advanced cooling system allows to extend the turbine’s life cycle. This system lowers the high-pressure compressor inlet temperature, which in turn effectively lowers the compressor discharge temperature. The SPRINT module is also equipped with a DLE combustion system providing fuel flexibility and helping to meet emissions limits. In addition, as part of the project, GE supplied a modular, multi-stage static air filter unit equipped with an anti-freeze protection system, which will support reliable operation of gas turbines in winter conditions.


“GE’s aeroderivative gas turbine technology has already demonstrated its reliability and efficiency — up to 42% in simple cycle and up to 56% in combined cycle — at energy facilities in Russia,” said Michael Rechsteiner, CEO of GE Gas Power in Europe. “We are honored to collaborate with Quadra - Power Generation in improving the key energy infrastructure of the city of Voronezh, inhabited by more than 1 million people.”

GE and Quadra – Power Generation are already successfully cooperating in gas turbine service projects. In 2017, the companies signed an agreement to service and upgrade four SGT-800 gas turbine units manufactured by Siemens. These turbines are installed at two of Quadra’s power plants – Dyagilev TPP and Alexin TPP (in the central part of Russia). This is the first GE long-term contract to service other OEM gas turbines in the Russia/CIS region.