FS-Elliott unveils new series of centrifugal air compressors

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FS-Elliott Co., LLC, a manufacturer of centrifugal air and gas compressors, recently launched its Polaris+ series. The new compressor incorporates several product advancements developed to increase reliability and efficiency while maintaining the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Based on the design of FS-Elliott’s original industrial compressors, the Polaris+ series consists of five models with flows ranging from 900 to 11500 icfm, 250 to 3000 hp, and pressures up to 150 psig.

The new air compressors are likely to introduce mechanical and aerodynamic improvements that are expected to provide a step-change in compressor performance, reduction in mechanical losses, and enhancements in package reliability. Patent-pending technology and industry-leading aerodynamic components may help plant operators realize reduced power consumption, resulting in lower energy costs. 


Designed to extend product life

Internal and external surfaces of the Polaris+ units feature enhanced coatings, which are likely to further extend product life and resist corrosion in both standard and extreme operating conditions. Recent package improvements include the flexibility for future upgrade consideration, and are expected to allow for simple and compact installation at facilities with space limitations.

Customers can now select from a wider variety of compressor control modes with the R1000, the latest controller in the Regulus Control System series designed specifically for Polaris+ units. They can expect significant energy savings over traditional control technology, said Ed Klimek, Manager System Controls Engineering.

“Powerful new energy-saving and convenience features have been developed for the R1000 to complement and extend the capability of our proven control algorithms. The R1000 also features a standard 9-inch full touch-screen display, resembling the user interface of a tablet device.

John Badini, Senior Product Engineer said the new series offered best-in-class efficiency, lowest downtime when maintenance is necessary, and the lowest life cycle cost. “From a user perspective, this means with FS-Elliott they are always staying one step ahead of traditional compressed air technology.”