FuelCell Energy, Chart Industries Collaborate on Carbon Capture, Hydrogen

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FuelCell Energy and Chart Industries collaborate to leverage their combined expertise in carbon capture and hydrogen technologies.

FuelCell Energy and Chart Industries have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop CO2 capture for utilization or sequestration and hydrogen generation and storage. FuelCell Energy contributes its experience in creating two high-temperature electrochemical fuel cell energy platforms for power decarbonization and hydrogen production. In contrast, Chart is a global manufacturer of advanced equipment in the Nexus of Clean, encompassing CO2 and hydrogen compression and liquefaction, and equipment for the complete supply chains of both molecules.

Jason Few, CEO of FuelCell Energy, commented on Chart's diverse technologies and capabilities in support of all stages of the liquid gas supply chain. "The amalgamation of Chart and FuelCell Energy technology will comprehensively cater to customer requirements for hydrogen and CO2 liquefaction, compression, storage, beverage-grade CO2, and transport," Few stated. He further highlighted the potential for their collaboration to provide the food and beverage industry with stable pricing, availability, and quality of beverage-grade CO2.

Jillian Evanko, CEO of Chart Industries, Inc., underscored the alignment of FuelCell Energy's prowess in hydrogen production and carbon capture with Chart's sustainability objectives. "There is a significant opportunity to combine our technologies to influence how carbon dioxide is utilized, stored, or sequestered and to facilitate the safe and dependable distribution and use of hydrogen, an essential fuel for the energy transition," Evanko said.


Chart Industries covers designing, engineering, and manufacturing equipment for gas and liquid molecule handling for the Nexus of Clean. Chart offers a portfolio of products and solutions across stationary and rotating equipment used in every phase of the liquid gas supply chain. FuelCell Energy works with sustainable clean energy technologies that address global challenges related to energy, safety, and urbanization.