Full service, not just combustion repairs

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Advanced Combustion Technology, Inc. has changed its name to ACT Independent Turbo Services, Inc. (ACT) in order to more accurately reflect the Company's overall capabilities and presence in the turbine repair industry.



"ACT has evolved from being a repair shop targeting the combustion segment of the turbine repair marketplace to a more robust company focused on the overall aspects of the turbine repair industry," said Brian McKenzie, President and CEO. "The name change to ACT Independent Turbo Services, Inc. reflects the overall metamorphosis the Company has experienced in getting to its current state and our plans for providing additional turbine repair services to our customers as an effective alternative to the OEM solution.."


Headquartered in




, ACT is an independent provider of turbine component repairs for power generation and industrial end-users. ACT's services include inspection, cleaning, repair, vacuum heat-treating, custom machining, testing and metallurgical analysis, as well as engineered solutions for life extension of critical turbine components. Over the past 14 years, the Company has also developed an inventory of replacement parts to meet customer needs.