Gas turbine to support geothermal cogeneration plant in Paris

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Centrax Gas Turbines has won an order for a new CX501-KB7 generator set that will support the expansion of a geothermal heating plant on the outskirts of



The order extends the successful partnership between Centrax and the plant’s owner, the Joint Geothermal Syndicate of Maisons-Alfort, established in 1999 when an earlier Centrax gas turbine package was installed. The new 5.3MW indoor unit will supply electricity and heat to complement the output of a geothermal installation that powers a district heating system supplying more than 12,000 houses, apartments, schools, businesses and a university.

Centrax staff working to install the new gas turbine have removed the old package and modified the building and ductwork on schedule for the plant to be ready for the start of November, the next heating season in



color:#333333">The Joint Geothermal Syndicate chose DALKIA as site operator with the main contractor for the project, SERMET, acting as consultants for the Joint Syndicate

The new package is the tenth in


to be replaced by Centrax, with the



company playing a leading role in meeting demand for plant upgrades resulting from the French government’s plan to reinvest in co-generation equipment that is more than 12 years old.

The plant distributes the renewable, non-polluting and constantly-available geothermal energy available from rocks beneath the


basin that


has exploited effectively since 1985.


This system of district heating avoids the emissions of some 22,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.




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In July Centrax marked another major milestone with the accumulation of 20 million running hours on all Rolls-Royce-powered Centrax manufactured generator sets. The 20 million hours comes from a total of 2GW of installed power. This remarkable achievement has been reached following the installation and commissioning of more than 316 packages which have all been manufactured at the Newton Abbot factory in





Centrax Limited is a


company that specialises in the manufacture and service of gas turbine powered generator sets ranging between 3.9MW and 6.5MW (Rolls-Royce 501 range), 8MW and 15MW (Siemens SGT-300 and SGT-400 gas turbines) and 32MW and 64MW (Rolls-Royce RB211 and


60 range). Applications include combined heat and power, base load, simple cycle and standby operations.


A global company with a broad customer base worldwide, Centrax has sold more than 320 units since 1980 and gained a high market share in recent years.