Gasgrid Finland Hosting Review of Gas Market on May 25

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The event will touch on the gas market, hydrogen, ongoing projects – including the floating LNG terminal at Inkoo.

Gasgrid Finland, the operator of the Finnish gas transmission network, has announced an upcoming gas market information session to be held on May 25, 2023. The event will take place at the Meeting Park Oasis in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, and will also be available for remote participation via a live stream. The information session aims to cover a variety of topics, including an overview of the gas market, the potential of hydrogen as an energy source, and various ongoing Gasgrid projects. Among these, the floating LNG terminal is expected to be a topic of significant interest. Those interested in attending the event can register through a link available on the Gasgrid Finland website.

Gasgrid has stated that the registration link is not personal, allowing potential attendees to share it with colleagues.

The day's agenda will begin at 11:45 am with arrival and registration, followed by lunch at 12:00 pm. The main information session will start at 1:00 pm, featuring several presentations.

Olli Sipilä from Gasgrid Finland will open the event, followed by Satu Mattila from Gasgrid's Floating LNG Terminal Finland, who will discuss the Inkoo LNG terminal. Esa Hallivuori, also from Gasgrid Finland, will present an overview of the gas market.


Heli Haapea from Gasgrid Finland will review the Guarantee of Origin, which refers to a statement verifying evidence that a part of energy was produced using renewable sources. Miika Tommila from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (TEM) will elaborate on the Gas Directive. Olli Sipilä will then return to present on the development of hydrogen projects.

The event will conclude with coffee and an open networking session at 3:00 pm, before officially ending at 4:00 pm.