GE 9HA gas turbines to power German CHP plant

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Switzerland’s Repower has signed contracts with GE and Iberdrola, via its engineering subsidiary, for the supply of GE’s 9HA gas turbine, long-term services and turnkey installation for the new Chempark Leverkusen combined cycle plant.

(The Chempark Leverkusen plant is expected to have more than 80 percent fuel efficiency)

GE plans to supply its 9HA gas turbine, which is said to give over 61 percent efficiency in combined cycle, and long-term maintenance services for the gas and steam turbines.


The Chempark Leverkusen plant is expected to have overall fuel efficiency higher than 80 percent and steam extraction of more than 300 tons per hour, enabling companies on the Chempark site to be supplied with process steam efficiently and cost-effectively. The 9HA plant is likely to have a net output of more than 570 MW, and generate the equivalent power that would be needed to supply approximately 600,000 German homes.

The combined heat and power (CHP) facility is expected to help meet Germany’s carbon reduction and energy efficiency requirements, while producing electricity and steam for Chempark businesses. Iberdrola will handle installation and balance of plant for the turnkey project. Repower chose GE and Iberdrola Engineering as preferred bidders back in the spring of 2014. The necessary agreements were subsequently drawn up and finalized, and were signed at the end of 2014.

Construction of the project

Repower is now moving further ahead with planning, and is said to be in intensive discussions with a view to getting one or more project team members on board. Repower anticipates that once all the pieces are in place (results of the partnering negotiations, details of the set-up of the cogeneration subsidy, and a reliable framework), it would be possible to make a final decision on construction of the project in the course of 2015.

Dr. Daniel Fritsche, project manager at Repower and CEO of Repower GuD Leverkusen GmbH said, “While our business model is complex, GE and Iberdrola demonstrated a deep understanding of what Repower needs for a cogeneration facility that will be highly efficient, flexible, and reliable, and helps meet the necessary carbon reduction and energy efficiency targets.”

Oliver Klitzke, COO GE Energy Germany said, “As the European Union transitions to a low-carbon future, GE’s HA technology will help utilities balance the need to provide affordable, reliable power with stricter environmental regulations. The game is changing. GE advances in combined cycle efficiencies, plant configuration and validation capabilities help utilities meet customers’ needs with lower lifecycle costs, lower emissions and greater operational flexibility.”

The Chempark Leverkusen project in Germany serves as a demonstration of global cooperation: Repower is headquartered in Switzerland; the 9HA is produced by GE in France; and Iberdrola, the engineering, procurement and construction contractor, is based in Spain.