GE announces the completion of Elpedison’s Thessaloniki power plant modernization in Greece

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GE made upgrades to the plant's gas turbine, steam turbine, and software.

GE announced that the modernization of Elpedison S.A.’s Thessaloniki Power Plant in Greece was completed safely and successfully. GE upgraded Elpedison’s power generation assets, consisting of a GE 9F.03 gas turbine and a Franco Tosi-supplied steam turbine. GE also installed digital solutions to help increase the plant’s output by over 20MW (equal to powering 17,000 Greek households) and reduce its start-up costs by 10 percent.

GE showcased its total plant solutions by installing its DLN 2.6+ combustor system, its OpFlex software solution and its Advanced Gas Path (AGP) technology on its 9F gas turbine. In addition, GE provided a new HP/IP rotor for the plant’s Franco Tosi steam turbine.These upgrades were made to reduce the impact of degradation on the rotor components. The project also included the implementation of GE Digital’s Operations Performance Management (OPM) software solution.


The project was completed during a gas turbine major overhaul by FieldCore, the field services execution team owned by GE.