GE completes major overhaul in China despite COVID-19 restrictions

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GE announced completion of a major inspection project in Shenzhen Baochang Power Supply’s Baochang Power Plant in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. It addressed the aging parts of the two GE 9E gas turbines at the 360-megawatt plant. Inspection of all 300+ detachable parts included the large axial, rotor, hot gas path, compressor, combustion and air inlet system.

“The COVID-19 outbreak brought unexpected and unprecedented difficulties for our inspection project, and GE’s ability to do it safely and in a timely manner was critical to the success of the project,” said Xu Yong, General Manager, Shenzhen Baochang Power Plant Co., Ltd.

The initial schedule of 35 days was extended to 69 days due to the customer’s expanded work scope and a 14-day quarantine before the project commenced. Engineers from GE and FieldCore implemented measures to ensure safety


“During the most severe period of the pandemic, our 21 on-site engineers from all different provinces and cities volunteered to go to the site and actively quarantine while coordinating with local governments, solving logistical problems and guaranteeing the end result,” said Xu Xin, China OTR leader, GE Gas Power.