GE secures long-term service contract for gas power plant in Russia

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GE Power Generation Services has received a 16-year contractual service agreement (CSA) for the new Kazanskaya CHP-2 combined-cycle gas power plant in Kazan in Tatarstan, Russia. The Russian energy company, OJSC “Generating Company” has awarded GE the CSA to ensure long-term availability of the power plant’s GE-supplied gas turbines.

Kazan CHP-2 has a total installed capacity of 410 MW. The power plant contains a 220-MW combined-cycle gas turbine block featuring two GE 6FA gas turbines, two KTZ steam turbine generators and two Ema Alliance heat recovery steam generators. GE has the technology expertise and local services capabilities to ensure the plant’s long-term availability and operates a local service center in Kaluga and an engineering center in Moscow.


To meet OJSC “Generating Company’s” goals, GE upgraded the GE 6FA gas turbines with OpFlex advanced controls software, including Transient Stability (ETS) and Cold Day Performance solutions to further boost gas turbine reliability. ETS provides robust combustor operability in the face of grid frequency and load instabilities, and Cold Day Performance allows gas turbines to operate at higher loads during cold temperatures. As a result of the upgrades, GE and OJSC “Generating Company” expect to see a 1.6 percent increase in power plant output during the colder seasons.

GE was previously awarded the contract to supply the two 6FA gas turbines to IED Holding Company, the engineering procurement and construction firm that developed the Kazan CHP-2 station for OJSC “Generating Company.” The two gas turbines were commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2014. GE has an overall installed base of 28 heavy-duty gas turbines in Russia.