GE-Shell Development Agreement

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Collaborating on LNG Decarbonization using hydrogen

GE Gas Power and Shell Global Solutions are pursuing ways to reduce carbon emissions of Shell’s LNG supply projects, globally.The largest source of emissions in an LNG facility stems from firing natural gas in the power generation and mechanical drive gas turbines. Therefore, one of the possible paths to decarbonize LNG production is to use hydrogen as a low carbon fuel in these engines. Shell’s Blue Hydrogen Process delivers low carbon intensity fuel.

B&E class heavy-duty gas turbines can operate on 100% hydrogen, emitting up to 25ppm NOx with the use of water in diffusion combustors. New DLN combustor technology is intended to become the backbone of new retrofittable system solutions for low-carbon operation of gas turbines.DLN combustors are more efficient and do not use water as a diluent, thus offering LNG operators the ability to lower carbon and conserve water in their operations.