GE to supply gas turbines for 3GW Bismayah plant in Iraq

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GE has won a contract from Mass Global Investment Company to supply advanced gas turbines for a new 3GW power plant to be developed in Bismayah, Iraq. Under the contract, GE will supply eight units of its advanced 9F.03 gas turbines designed for combined-cycle plants with 99.8% average reliability. The gas turbines are expected to lower startup emissions.



The facility's compressor is designed to increase reliability and availability while reducing the need of periodic inspections and maintenance costs. Planned to be developed 30 km away from Baghdad within a massive housing development project, the $3bn Bismayah power plant is designed to generate electricity required to power more than 5 million Iraqi households.


The Bismayah project is an independent power producer (IPP) deal between Mass Global Investment Company and Iraq Ministry of Electricity. Mass Global Investment Company board chairman Ahmed Ismail Saleh said, "The new project will leverage the newest and most-efficient technologies by GE for seamless efficiency and increased productivity."