GE to supply three 9HA.02 heavy duty gas turbines to Chinese power plant

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Chinese power utility, Guangdong Energy Group, awarded a contract to GE and Harbin Electric Corporation for HA technology that will enhance China’s Greater Bay Area’s transition from coal to gas power. GE will provide three 9HA.02 heavy duty gas turbines for the Dongguan Ningzhou power plant, operated by the state-owned Guangdong Energy Group. The power plant will add 2,400 MW, the equivalent electricity needed to power more than four million homes in China, becoming one of the largest gas power plants on China’s mainland. The project is the first H-class gas turbine planned by local government after policy reform in the Greater Bay Area, focused on the coal-to-gas energy transition. GE’s local partner on this project, Harbin Electric, will provide steam turbine, generator and balance-of-plant equipment for the Ningzhou power plant, which is expected to be operational in 2022.


GE has been a supplier for Guangdong Energy for many years. GE reached a recent milestone through its collaboration of two 9F.05 gas turbines provided for the Xinhui Power Plant, both of which have been in operation since 2018.