GE to supply two 9E gas turbines for Tunisian plant

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To help Tunisia avoid power outages in the coastal region during the tourist season this summer, GE will supply equipment and services to the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG).

GE will supply two 9E.03 gas turbines and the electrical Balance of Plant (eBOP), which includes electrical power transformers, the switchyard and associated equipment, to the  Bouchemma power plant in Tunisia. The project is likely to put more than 250 MW on the Tunisian grid, which is enough to supply power to more than 1.2 million Tunisian homes.

GE will also provide a two-year contractual services agreement (CSA) as part of the turnkey project, followed by an additional 10-year CSA.


The Bouchemma plant will be located near the city of Gabès on the Tunisian coast at a site where 9E gas turbine technology has been installed since the 1990s. This is likely to allow the use of the existing gas and electric substation connections, to accommodate the new units and connect to the network.