Angola contracts for six gas turbine sets

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GE has announced an order from AE Energia for fast, digital power in Angola. The order includes seven TM2500 mobile aeroderivative gas turbine generator sets, services agreements and digital solutions for Prodel, the state-owned company responsible for power production.

The TM2500 units will be installed in Namibe, Huila and Cuando Cubango provinces and will be capable of providing the remaining 200 MW of power for the government to achieve a targeted one gigawatt of electricity by end of 2018.  The TM2500 generator set, which is trailer mounted, can be installed faster than traditional power plants. Together, the seven units will be used for grid stability in existing plants as well as provide electricity to off-grid communities.

This announcement  follows AE Energia and GE’s recently announced ongoing work together at the Soyo 750 MW combined cycle power plant, as well as six units of GE’s 2016 TM2500 project in Angola being connected to the grid earlier in April.

“With the addition of these seven units up to an additional 15 percent of the population of Angola can gain access to electricity,” said Scott Strazik, chief commercial officer of GE’s Gas Power Systems business.


GE will provide the generating equipment, installation, commissioning, fuel treatment solution, spares and electrical balance of plant. The order’s multi-year service agreements for up to nine TM2500 generator sets will support performance, efficiency and reliability of the equipment for a period of six years.

The services agreements also include GE’s Predix based Asset Performance Management (APM) software, which was deployed for the first time in aeroderative gas turbines with the Marubeni project in Japan in April 2017. GE’s APM software leverages data analytics to monitor power generation and transmission equipment health to predict potential failures and thereby reduce unplanned downtime by up to 5%, lower operations and maintenance costs, and lower operational risks.