GE turbines to boost generation capacity of 265MW facility in Rhode Island

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General Electric has signed an $80m agreement with Canada-based Emera Energy for upgrading 265MW Tiverton Power station in Rhode Island, US. The upgrades at the natural gas-fired combined-cycle power plant are expected to increase efficiency, capacity and long-term availability, apart from bringing down its operating costs and environmental impacts.

Under the deal, GE will install its Power FlexEfficiency Solutions at the facility which will feature 7F.04 Compressor, Dry Low NOx 2.6+ Combustor and Advanced Gas Path Technology. The upgrades are expected to boost the power generation capacity of the facility by almost 22MW and can result in an estimated annual savings of $1m in fuel costs, GE said.


The three Power FlexEfficiency upgrades for the facility are expected to be completed in April 2016, and begin operations in May. Earlier, GE had supplied the original equipment for the power plant that delivers power to the US state of Rhode Island and its surrounding area through ISO New England (ISO-NE).

Emera Energy operation vice president Dave Pickles said the upgrades would improve Tiverton Power's efficiency and output, and also increase its availability by extending the maintenance intervals. GE Power Generation Services president and CEO Paul McElhinney said utilities are looking for ways to improve the efficiency and performance of their existing natural gas power plant fleets. "Emera Energy's project demonstrates how power plant operators can make their facilities more profitable while reducing their fuel costs and emissions."