GE turbines to power South Korean plant, replace solid refuse fuel boiler plant

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GE 7HA.03 heavy duty gas turbine[/caption]

GE will supply power generation equipment for a new district heating plant in Naepo City, South Korea. GE its 60Hz 7HA.02 gas turbine, with its matching H65 generator, and a STF-D650 steam turbine, with its one H35 generator, a condenser and equipment maintenance services for 19 years. The plant will have the capacity to generate approximately 500 MW of power. Also, it will provide steam for district heating and eliminate need to purchase and maintain individual hot water boilers, providing important support for the city’s colder winter months.


Ge is anticipating its machinery to reach 64% efficiency in combined cycle, and more than 91% efficiency in district heating mode. This process, by capturing and reusing wasted heat or steam that would otherwise be released into the environment and go unutilized, will generate more energy per unit of fuel with lower carbon emissions.