GE launches new H-class gas turbine

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GE has unveiled the 7HA.03, the newest model in its HA gas turbine product line. It also announced that Florida Power and Light’s (FPL’s) Dania Beach Clean Energy Center will be the first to showcase two 60 Hz versions of the gas turbine. Commercial operation of the engines are set for 2022.

The 7HA.03 will have a single-cycle net output of 430 MW, which represents a jump over the 7HA.02's rating of 384 MW. The first model launched in 2014 was 290 MW. In combined cycle, a 1×1 7HA.03 plant would be rated at 640 MW, and in 2×1, 1,282 MW.


Like previous HA models, the 7HA.03 features a 10-minute start-up, but ramp rate would be a high 75 MW per minute. The 50-Hz 9HA.01 at EDF’s Bouchain plant clocked a 62.22% net efficiency and the 7HA.01 at Chubu Electric’s Nishi Nagoya plant a gross efficiency of 63.08%. The 7HA.03 will have a net combined cycle efficiency of 63.9%, which is a 0.4 percentage point increase over the 7HA.02.

The 7HA.03 promises to nearly double the fuel flexibility currently offered in the previous 7HA model (7HA.02). The modular design is designed to help plant builders shorten critical path installation by eight weeks.