GE Vernova Powering 1.8 MW Power Plant in Ohio

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The new GE-Powered Guernsey Power Station located in Southeast Ohio, delivers 1.8 GW of electricity, which will help the state’s coal-to-gas transition.

Caithness Energy’s 1,875-MW Guernsey Power Station in Guernsey County, Ohio entered commercial operation. The site is powered by GE Vernova’s HA combined-cycle equipment and can deliver the equivalent electricity needed to power approximately 1.4 million U.S. homes.

“In 2022, coal-fired plant retirements accounted for approximately 89% of retired capacity in the PJM region, and as more and more coal-fired plants are retired, the need for thermal resources and the essential reliable and flexible power they provide is crucial for grid stability and to help meet the increasing demand for power,” said Ross D. Ain, President of Caithness Energy. “GE’s gas turbines are among the largest and most efficient gas turbines in the world, and operating flexibility may be considered as the key feature of Guernsey plant, powered by three GE 7HA.02 gas turbines in a single-shaft combined-cycle configuration, the largest of this kind in the United States. We trust GE’s equipment will help us turn current energy transition challenges into the opportunity to drive carbon emissions reduction in the energy sector through the deployment of new flexible, much more efficient, and cleaner gas-fired plants to substitute for older, less efficient units.”

As Ain said, the Ohio-based plant is equipped with three 7HA.02 gas turbines powering three W84 generators, three STF-A650 steam turbines, and three GE triple pressure with reheat heat recovery steam generators (HRSG). It uses combined-cycle technology that captures the excess heat generated by the gas turbines and uses the excess heat to make steam to power the steam turbines while generating up to 50% electricity from the same amount of fuel as a simple-cycle plant.


“We are proud that our advanced HA combined-cycle equipment started to provide efficient, flexible, and reliable electricity at Guernsey Power Station,” said Dave Ross, CEO of GE Gas Power in the Americas. “Gas power plays a crucial role in the energy transition, helping to balance the variable nature of renewables and ensuring system reliability. Our 7HA.02 gas turbines, which can burn up to 20% hydrogen with plans to transition to 100% hydrogen over the next decade, are a highly efficient energy solution to help power plant operators, like Caithness Energy, to advance their carbon emissions reduction goals. In addition, our services and digital solutions will be crucial to improve Guersey plant’s performance and availability.”

GE will also service the facility under a multi-year services agreement for 20 years and provide cloud-based predictive analytics that can help predict potential asset failures and reduce unplanned down time, while improving power plant productivity and reliability.