GE Vernova Powers South Korea Heating Plant with H-Class Equipment

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The Naepo District heating plant has started commercial operation with GE Vernova’s H-class combined-cycle equipment.

GE Vernova’s Gas Power business has announced the beginning of commercial operation at the Naepo District heating plant in Naepo City, South Korea. The plant’s operation is driven by GE’s H-class combined-cycle equipment, delivering approximately 500 MW of electricity to the country’s grid and producing steam for the heating applications of more than 100,000 Naepo residents. Naepo Green Energy’s heating plant reduces the necessity for individually owned hot water boilers and provides heat support during the city’s winter months.

“We are proud to celebrate the start of commercial operation of the Naepo District heating plant, an achievement that underlines our commitment to delivering efficient and lower-emitting energy solutions,” said a representative of Naepo Green Energy. “We trusted GE Vernova given their experience executing projects of this scale in South Korea, as well as the company’s technological and services leadership. With combined-cycle capability for district heating operation, GE Vernova’s HA gas turbines made it possible for us to provide both reliable, affordable, and lower-carbon electricity and steam to Naepo City.”


The Naepo heating plant, built by Lotte Engineering & Construction, replaces a solid refuse fuel boiler plant to assist in the transition towards efficient power and heating solutions for South Korea. Replacing the boiler plant satisfies the South Korean government’s strategy of phasing out high-emitting projects in favor of sustainable solutions.

"Changing the main energy source of the heat source facility from waste solid fuel (SRF) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) leads to improvements in fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced cost-effectiveness," said Ramesh Singaram, President & CEO of GE Vernova’s Gas Power business in Asia. “Our HA technology has demonstrated close to 64% efficiency in combined-cycle mode and over 91% efficiency in district heating mode. By capturing and reusing waste heat or steam that would otherwise be released into the environment, the plant increases energy output while reducing carbon emissions per unit of fuel consumed and supporting the transition towards a lower carbon future in the country.”

GE Vernova equipped the plant with a 7HA.02 gas turbine and its matching H65 generator, an STF-D650 steam turbine driving an H35 generator, a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), and a condenser. GE Vernova will provide equipment maintenance services for a 19-year period, as per the project’s terms.