GE Vernova Replaces Kaplan Runner at Grand Rapids Hydropower Plant

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Manitoba Hydro elects the services of GE Vernova to fully construct, test, and install a replacement runner for the Grand Rapids plant.

Manitoba Hydro selected the hydro power division of GE Vernova to manufacture and replace a Unit-4 Kaplan runner at the 479 MW Grand Rapids plant—a reservoir-based hydropower plant—in Manitoba, Canada.

“Canada has been a pioneer in hydropower development for about 140 years; the installed based today is significant, and aging, which creates huge opportunities to service the fleet, to help extend the project's life, increase efficiency, and help deliver even more clean energy to the grid,” said Romain Pellegrino, Hydro Power North America Leader, GE Vernova. “We are pleased to be working with Manitoba Hydro on this project, which gives a great example of the possibilities that come with hydropower.”


Aspects of the service agreement include the design, construction, delivery, and installation of the 6+ meter diameter runner at Manitoba Hydro’s generating station. The replacement runner will be built and performance-tested at GE Vernova’s Hydro Power North America facilities.

The replacement of Grand Rapids’ Unit-4 Kaplan runner will improve the performance and efficiency of the 60-year-old plant. Twenty years prior, GE Vernova installed replacement runners for Units 1, 2, and 3. Manitoba Hydro’s Grand Rapids Generating Station opened in 1965, generating 1,580 GWh of electricity through 4 GE-delivered Kaplan units.