GE Vernova’s Acquisition of Greenbird Eases Data Integration, Enhances GridOS

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The addition of Greenbird’s integration and utility-based technologies will allow GE Vernova to maintain a steady data input, improve GridOS efficiency, and advance the goal of decarbonization.

GE Vernova has recently acquired Greenbird Technology, a company specializing in data integration platforms for utilities. Specifically, GE Vernova’s GridOS software—designed for grid orchestration—will be enhanced with new features for connecting systems and integrating data at increased scale and speed.

“Utilities have an urgent need to connect data from multiple sources to gain visibility and effectively automate their grid operations. Fragmented data is a major obstacle to modernizing the grid and is holding the energy transition back,” said Scott Reese, CEO of GE Vernova’s Digital business. "The Greenbird acquisition brings the ability to connect multiple data sources and accelerates our vision for GridOS that is making energy security a reality for many of the world’s utilities. Data and AI are key to helping utilities run a reliable and resilient grid and this acquisition is a massive accelerant to making that vision a reality for utilities of all sizes.”

GridOS is a software platform aggregating vast amounts of energy data for secure, reliable grid operations so utilities have flexibility and resiliency. The software platform uses a federated data fabric to pull together energy data, network modeling, and AI-driven analytics from across the grid. With GE Vernova's acquisition, the platform will expand its data fabric capabilities, eliminating data silos. It will also enable a better connection to management software programs.

“Our technology platform is purpose-built to support a distributed data and IT architecture and aligns perfectly with GE Vernova’s vision for the GridOS federated grid data fabric and one network model, providing the data foundation utilities need to transform their operations,” said Thorsten Heller, CEO of Greenbird Integration Technology.


GE Vernova plans to assign Greenbird’s integration services and data specialists to the GridOS package.

“Having access to utility data in context gives grid operators an opportunity to better leverage AI for automation and potentially enables the grid to be self-describing and self-healing in the future,” said Mahesh Sudhakaran, General Manager, Grid Software at GE Vernova’s Digital business. “This is the vision we have for grid orchestration enabled by the GridOS portfolio, and this acquisition provides both the technology and the talent to help us get there.”