GE Vernova Supplies Aeroderivative Packages for Oklahoma Plant

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The Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) ordered two GE Vernova aeroderivative LM6000VELOX packages to replace steam turbines at its Anadarko plant.

Following an order from WFEC, GE Vernova will supply two aeroderivative LM6000VELOX package solutions, each consisting of an LM6000 gas turbine and a generator, to replace aging steam turbines at WFEC’s Anadarko plant in Oklahoma. These units will expand the power plant, which is now powered by five LM6000 PC gas turbines—two were installed and commissioned in 1999, and three units were installed in 2009. Upon completion, the Anadarko plant is expected to deliver up to 350 MW with seven LM6000 gas turbines.

The LM6000 aeroderivative turbines are derived from jet-engine technology and have a quick start-up time, reaching full power in about five minutes.


“At WFEC, we continually evaluate capacity needs, while focusing on both the present and future power requirements of our members, and we are committed to maintain a reliable supply of electricity well into the future,” said Justin Soderberg, Western Farmers Electric Cooperative. “We selected GE Vernova’s LM6000VELOX units due to their fast start and quick ramp up/down capabilities. Rapid renewable energy growth presents system operators and energy providers with the increasingly difficult task of continuously ensuring stability of the grid and a reliable power supply, as renewable generation assets like wind turbines and solar farms are slightly less predictable by their very nature. Conversely, the aeroderivative gas turbines, powered by natural gas can help stabilize the grid and reduce the risk of electricity supply shortages.”

WFEC partnered with Sargent & Lundy for the plant’s expansion, selecting applicable technologies for new gas turbine units and establishing a turbine specification. Fagen Inc. is on board as the engineering, procurement, and construction contractor, and the work is expected to begin in late 2024 with completion scheduled for late 2026.

Earlier this month, GE Vernova received an order from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for 16 aeroderivative LM6000VELOX packages for the Kingston Energy Complex on the Clinch River. The packages will supply up to 850 MW of electricity, enhancing energy grid reliability and granting TVA’s consumers continuous access to affordable power.

“The Kingston Energy Complex highlights the way diverse generation works together to ensure TVA can provide more reliable, resilient and affordable power,” said TVA Chief Operating Officer Don Moul. “These aeroderivative units will help us meet demand during peak energy usage and supplement solar generation on days when sunshine is limited.”

The LM6000VELOX units are slated to begin operation in 2028 and include dual-fuel capability to run on natural gas or liquid fuels when required. The dry low emissions (DLE) combustor configuration can meet emissions limits in compliance with the regional air district requirements and avoids water consumption for NOx emissions abatement. LM6000 gas turbines also have a high cyclic life to complement intermittent power from renewable sources. Its operational flexibility helps to stabilize the grid and reduce the risk of electricity supply shortages.

GE Vernova’s LM6000VELOX package includes features to reduce site construction time for power generation utilities, EPCs, and additional industry stakeholders. The package can be quickly installed in a simple cycle configuration, reducing the commissioning schedule and associated costs. LM6000 gas turbines offer more than 99% start and operational reliability and over 98% availability.