GE Vernova Unveils LM6000VELOX Package, Installation Set for Aeroderivative Plant

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The LM6000VELOX package utilizes a modular approach to reduce the installation and commissioning of LM6000 gas turbines.

GE Vernova’s Gas Power business released the LM6000VELOX package solution, which will be installed at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Johnsonville aeroderivative plant. The LM6000VELOX package will reduce the installation and commissioning schedule of LM6000 gas turbines by up to 40%, eliminating up to 4,000 labor hours and minimizing installation cost and duration.

“With a scheduled 90-day package installation in a simple cycle configuration, our new LM6000VELOX package is expected to reduce installation and commissioning schedule of our LM6000 gas turbines by up to 40%, saving up to 4,000 labor hours, with consequent lower costs,” said Clive Nickolay, CEO of GE Vernova’s Gas Power Aeroderivative business. “These enhancements incorporated in the new package aim to reduce site construction delays for power generation utilities, EPC’s, and other industry stakeholders.”

The LM6000VELOX units are capable of quick start times, reaching full power capacity in a five-minute time span. The units have a high cyclic life to complement intermittent power sources and can stabilize the grid and reduce electricity supply shortages with its operational flexibility. In addition to these features, the turbine in a singular annular combustor (SAC) configuration has the ability to burn up to 100% hydrogen by volume, reducing or eliminating CO2 emissions from gas turbine power generation.


“This technology will be a first for TVA’s fleet of natural gas plants,” said Justin McBath, Sr. Project Manager of the Johnsonville aeroderivative combustion turbine plant project. “We have received 6 of the 10 total units that will be operating at Johnsonville, with final delivery expected in December 2023. These units will help us quickly meet demand during peak energy usage and will supplement solar generation on days when sunshine is limited.”

GE Vernova developed the LM6000VELOX package at its manufacturing center in Veresegyház, Hungary, adopting simplicity and speed of installation from the company’s previous LM2500XPRESS package. The unit has a modular mounted air filter with a simplified structure, as well as a base mounted generator and gearbox to reduce foundation labor. The number of unit accessories has been reduced by 50% upon shipment.

GE Vernova made several improvements to the LM6000VELOX design, including an improved drive train alignment to reduce cutting alignment time, improved maintainability with accessible platforms and ladders, and improved configuration of the cable tray.

The LM6000VELOX package is available in simple and combined-cycle configurations for both 50 and 60 Hz segments. In addition to these options, the package can also be customized as a DLE or SAC (water injected) combustor configuration.

“With more renewables coming online every day, operators like TVA plan carefully to ensure grid reliability while delivering cheaper and lower emitting power for their end users. We are committed to product innovation and competitiveness that delivers fast, flexible, and more sustainable power in a safe environment,” said Nickolay.