GE wins orders for upgrade and maintenance of power plants

Published on: 

General Electric has won orders for upgrading two power plants in the US, along with two more orders for turbine delivery and maintenance at two Mexican energy projects.



Under the first order, GE will be responsible for Enhanced Steam Path (ESP) upgrade on the GE D-11 Steam Turbine at Entergy Rhode Island State Energy (RISE) owned power plant in Johnson, Rhode Island.


The planned upgrade is ongoing and expected to improve the 583MW natural gas-fired, combined-cycle energy facility's output by 26MW. It will have the potential to increase the average electrical revenue for the power plant by more than $4m annually over the next five years.


GE will also be upgrading its D-11 Steam Turbine at the Elk Hills facility in Tupman, California in March 2016. Also planned as an ESP upgrade, the project will expand the plant's capacity by around 3MW and increase its efficiency by 1%.


Orders for the Mexican power plants have been awarded by Iberdrola Generation Mexico. Under the order, GE will be delivering two of its 6F.01 gas turbines and long-term services for two cogeneration projects in Altamira, Tamaulipas, and San Juan Del Rio, Querétaro. 

Both plants have a combined capacity of approximately 100MW, and are expected to start commercial operations in 2017.