General Electric says blade problem affects more gas turbines

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GE has said that turbine blade oxidation which forced Exelon Corp to idle four electric power units in Texas could affect some 75 9FB machines in addition to the HA.

GE, however, said that the 9FB "comprises less than 1 percent of the company’s global gas turbine fleet" of 7,500 turbines installed worldwide. GE has said it sold its first 9FB in 2003.

The 9FB belongs to the F class gas turbines in which the OEM has a significant presence.


News of the oxidation problem came to media attention when GE Power Chief Executive Russell Stokes mentioned it in a post on the LinkedIn website.

GE said on Thursday that while four HA-Class units in Texas had been shut down, 10 other HA units in the U.S. were operating.