Graphalloy Improves Pump Operations

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Graphite Metallizing Corp. received a request from the Rotating Equipment Reliability Engineer at a refinery in California. A 19 stage deep-well vertical can pump had been using Teflon PFA and carbon fiber composite bushings. However, the Teflon binder was displaced and the carbon fiber unraveled and migrated downstream, clogging the pump. The service discussed operated primarily in the 275-300°F range with occasional washes at possibly higher temperatures (400-500°F).

Graphalloy Nickel-grade bushings and wear rings were designed and installed in the pump. Self-lubricating Nickel-grade Graphalloy operates in temperatures from -400°F to 750°F and can handle low lubricity fluids and caustics. After one year of successful service, the refinery completed the same upgrade on its sister pump.

Five years later, the engineer noted that the pumps were still working great.