Green Hydrogen International, INPEX Collaborate on Hydrogen City Project

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The companies will work in tandem to utilize Texas’ Hydrogen City production hub to generate hydrogen and ammonia for growing demand.

INPEX and Green Hydrogen International (GHI) have signed a joint study agreement to facilitate the production of green hydrogen and green ammonia at GHI’s Hydrogen City hub in southern Texas. The hydrogen and ammonia produced at this facility will be exported to satisfy demands in the global market, particularly Asia.

GHI is addressing the cost and scale difficulties of green hydrogen production by deploying a low-cost strategy that relies on salt cavern storage and on-site renewable power generation and consumption. The partnership will apply INPEX’s experience in large-scale energy projects to advance production and export capacity at the Hydrogen City hub, as well as marketing the gas product to international buyers.


"GHI is honored to be partnering with INPEX CORPORATION on our Hydrogen City project,” said Brian Maxwell, CEO of GHI. “Their expertise in large energy project development combined with marketing organization will provide advantages to the Hydrogen City project and our goal of producing low-cost green hydrogen by 2029."

For Phase 1 of the Hydrogen City project, GHI and INPEX plan on generating 280,000 tons of green hydrogen per year. The generated hydrogen will then be used in a conversion process to produce 1 million tons per year (MTPA) of green ammonia for export—the remaining hydrogen volumes will be made available for local customer offtake.

The Hydrogen City will be powered by 3.75-GW of on-site renewable energy and relies on salt cavern storage to manage energy intermittency caused by daily/seasonal variances. Hub construction is slated to begin in 2026 and commercial operation is on track for 2029. The growth of customer demand will allow GHI and INPEX to expand project with additional phases in the future.