GTUsers Conference 2022

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Event focused on the F9FA/FB

Three years passed since the last GTUsers End User Conference. In 2022, that precedent changed. In Rome, record breaking participation and lively discussion made the event successful for end users, OEMs, and third parties. During that time away, a lot of information has been banked. In fact, so much was available that organizers were obligated to schedule another one in September 2023. This is opposed to having it every 1.5 years, as is tradition.

End user presentations and discussions consisted of numerous case studies and noteworthy lessons. Some noteworthy topics were Advanced Gas Path Experience, 330H Generator Issues, LS2100e and EX2100e DFE Upgrades, 9FB Compressor Blade Liberation Failure at 70KFFH and 500FFS, and much more.

GE prepared comprehensive and technical lectures to cover questions raised by the end users. All the latest technical developments, fleet status, and latest TILs were reviewed. GE organized breakout sessions for even more detailed conversations with specialists, covering all aspects of the F9FA/FB unit.

Third parties also made headway, with presentations providing important knowledge and technical information. MD&A spoke on hot gas path combustion repairs and lifetime extensions. Arnold Group presented the most advanced turbine insulation combined with a high-performance heating system.


PSM Thomassen gave the latest updates for their offerings, and detailed information about their Flamesheet combustor retrofit capabilities; including solutions for net-zero carbon emissions. Dekomte revealed selection and criteria for proper expansion joint selection maintenance.

A few others involved were Minimax, EthosEnergy, JASC Controls, Faist, and ITH Bolting Technology. That isn’t even all of them. It was a lively and popular event, and we are very excited for what comes next year at the GTUsers Conference.

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