GTUsers GT26 Conference 2022

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Ansaldo Energia and GE Vernova make appearances

From Nov. 14 - 17, the GTUsers GT26 conference took place in Rome. For three years webinars sufficed. Returning to in-person brought much enjoyment from participants and different companies. During the event, a variety of topics and lively discussions took place for end users, third parties, Ansaldo Energia and GE Vernova.

OEMs and End Users

Day one (Users Day) was dedicated to end users. A few key topics reviewed on Users Day were LP OTC tube leakage and HPT vane inspection experiences, path to MXL3 upgrade, EV front plate segments and combustor hardware integrity, quality challenges during planned maintenance, and the GT26 HE upgrade.

Ansaldo Energia (AE) joined the end users of GT26 gas turbine on day two. AE presented its version of GT26 gas turbine improvements, including digital and decarbonization solutions. GT26 upgrade products were also examined, alongside MXL2/3 field experience, and a look at the GT26 hydrogen capabilities.


On day three, GE spoke on the latest GT and plant technical updates, relating solutions and answered end-user questions raised during the conference and those collected by the steering committee in advance. The company revealed the GT26 HE upgrade. At the end, there was a lecture on GT26 plant decarbonization.

3rd Party Service Providers

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies spiderMaxx cassette filter was presented. Turbotect showed how to improve compressor cleaning using Biphase Detergents. Dekomte explained their approach for proper expansion joint selection and maintenance – including custom designs for the GT26.

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