H2SITE Commissions Membrane Separator to Extract Pure Hydrogen Blends

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The palladium-alloy membrane separators were validated for separating hydrogen blends from 5-20% at 99% purity for use in fuel-cell applications.

H2SITE has validated the feasibility of its membrane separator technology for separating hydrogen blends ranging from 5% to 20% concentration. This validation took place in a regional distribution system operator (DSO) Nortegas’ gas network, within the larger framework of the H2SAREA project. The installation used palladium-alloy membrane separators that reached a 97% hydrogen recovery rate at 99% purity.

The injection of hydrogen into a natural gas network is a solution that leverages current infrastructure to transport low-carbon, renewable, and pure hydrogen, given that separation of this hydrogen can be carried out at the point of consumption at lower cost. H2SITE has built similar units operating at high pressure levels and is working to develop projects of large scale in Europe.


Through the H2SAREA project, H2SITE has successfully demonstrated that the distribution infrastructure is compatible with the transport of hydrogen blends and renewable natural gas. This realization enables the use of pure fuels in sectors where value can be added with the company’s membrane separator technology.

"The palladium membrane separators technology employed by H2SITE enables us to produce high-purity hydrogen suitable for fuel cell applications from blends with very low hydrogen concentrations," said Andrés Galnares, CEO of H2SITE. "We have achieved the separation of over 97% of hydrogen at very high purity in the original gas stream while ensuring that the natural gas we deliver complies with the specifications of existing users."