Heat exchanger expertise to help produce power from low temperature heat

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HRS Heat Exchangers S.L.U., the Spanish arm of HRS Heat Exchangers Limited which serves the process industry, will be part of a selected companies' consortium working on ICARUS. ICARUS is an innovative, environmentally friendly CO2/lubricant absorption system for power generation from low temperature sources including industrial waste heat and solar thermal to reduce emissions and costs.


The aim of the ICARUS project is to overcome the limitations relating to the use of CO2/lubricant absorption power generation systems for low temperature power generation by integrating cutting-edge modeling, engineering and materials solutions. HRS will develop heat exchanger technologies that will enable ICARUS to efficiently extract heat from relatively low temperature waste heat streams.

The new heat exchanger technology will transfer the heat from the waste heat stream to the absorption system. HRS will also assist the consortium to create strategies to manage corrosive, abrasive, and/or fouling exhausts including material selection and heat exchanger design.