Hitachi Energy Enhances Grid Stability, Renewables Flow at SP Energy Networks’ UK Substation

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The combination of the two technologies adds up to 280 MW of additional renewable energy to the electricity grid, with the potential to power over 360,000 homes.

Hitachi Energy is to design and install a power quality solution for SP Energy Networks to enhance the flow of renewable energy from Scotland to England and stabilize the grid. SP Energy Networks’ substation in Eccles, United Kingdom is equipped with two sets of an SVC Light STATCOM and a synchronous condenser controlled by the MACH control system connected at a common central node.

“The innovative power quality solution will increase the transfer capacity between Scotland and England by up to 280 MW by improving the transmission network’s strength and stability as more renewable generation is connected in Scotland,” said Billy Moore, Senior Project Manager at SP Energy Networks. “The criticality of technology such as this will become more important as we reduce the usage of fossil fuels.”

The STATCOM installations use Hitachi Energy’s power electronics and the MACH control and protection solution to provide system strength, instant voltage control, and maximum power flow. The SVC Light STATCOM and synchronous condenser with combined control generate or absorb reactive power to manage the grid voltage and maintain system stability and resilience. A MACH Control System uses computers, micro-controllers, and digital signal processors to act as the control center for the SVC Light.


“We are delighted to have co-created this innovative solution with SP Energy Networks, which will maintain grid stability and enable more clean electricity to flow through the system in the UK,” said Marco Berardi, Head of Grid & Power Quality Solutions and Service business at Hitachi Energy. “This innovation is yet another addition to our ever-evolving portfolio of power quality solutions that help grid operators overcome the immediate and long-term challenges of the energy transition.”

This combination of technologies will increase the system’s stability and security, supporting a greater integration of renewables into the electricity grid. SP Energy Networks will also use the power quality solution to facilitate the elimination of fossil fuels.

Hitachi Energy also supplied its SVC Light Enhanced STATCOM stations for TransnetBW in February 2024. TransnetBW used the grid-stabilization technology to improve power quality in a transmission grid that supplies approximately 11 million people. The solution combines two power quality and grid stabilization technologies in a single compact device. Relying on power electronics, it integrates the efficient reactive power compensation of SVC Light with supercapacitors, which are electronic devices that absorb and inject active power into the grid within milliseconds.

“As the pioneering technology leader, we are proud to support TransnetBW to safeguard the success of their energy transition,” said Niklas Persson, Managing Director of Hitachi Energy’s Grid Integration business. “With power networks evolving rapidly, we are committed to helping our customers and countries transition toward a carbon-neutral energy future and providing future-proof solutions that will offer the flexibility needed to adapt to changing grid conditions.”