Hitachi Energy Unveils Hydrogen-Powered HyFlex Generator Unit

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The HyFlex demonstration unit is a hydrogen-powered generator that can deliver megawatts of power and heat for hard-to-decarbonize locations.

Hitachi Energy has unveiled its hydrogen power generator, the HyFlex demonstration unit, in Gothenburg, Sweden during a demonstration event with PowerCell Group. The HyFlex generator is an integrated and scalable unit for temporary or permanent installation, designed for instances in which power grid connections are impractical and diesel generators are not an option.

Hitachi Energy’s medium-power variant provides energy for temporary installations and is designed for 400-600 kVA. The high-power HyFlex model can be used for permanent installations and delivers 1 MVA or more per unit. This variant is capable of parallel installation to satisfy the customer’s unique power requirements.

“We are delighted to unveil this solution that decarbonizes hard-to-abate applications,” said Marco Berardi, Head of Grid & Power Quality Solutions and Service at Hitachi Energy. “As the transition to net zero progresses, more and more industries are looking for reliable ways to reduce their environmental impact and improve operational performance.”


HyFlex generator units are emission-free, producing AC power, serviceable heat, and water. In comparison, a 1 MVA diesel generator operating with a full load burns approximately 225 kg of diesel and releases 720 kg of CO2 per hour.

Applications for the HyFlex include remote construction sites, mining operations, data centers, hospitals, and hotels that require an emergency backup power supply and/or heat. In addition to terrestrial applications, the generator can also be applied for shore-to-ship operations at ports to power ships as an alternative to diesel generators.

Hitachi Energy is collaborating with the fuel cell manufacturer, PowerCell Group, to develop a hydrogen power generator demonstration unit. PowerCell provided the power modules and its expertise in fuel cell integration, while Hitachi Energy has the balance of plant and experience in power electronics, batteries, cooling, intelligent control, and systems integration.

A mobile variant of the HyFlex generator for temporary deployment will be available in late 2024 and the permanently deployable variant will be available in 2025.