Houston Dry Gas Seal Repair and Test Cell becomes fully functional

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Dresser-Rand Services has recently opened a new Dry Gas Seal Repair and Test Cell in service center in Houston, Texas, USA, which covers most compressors in the size range of DATUM model D6 to D14, as well as 60PDI and 70PDI. The cell is said to be fully functional now and can handle the repair, and static and dynamic testing of more than 70 percent of the company’s dry gas seals operating in North and South America.

(Dresser-Rand's service center in Houston is first to be certified in the repair and testing of dry gas seals.)

The dry gas seal team, trained in Houston and Le Havre, France, has now become the first to be certified in the repair and testing of dry gas seals. In October, a team from a North American gas transmission company traveled to the Houston Service Center to witness the dynamic test of a dry gas seal for a 60 PDI compressor. A second dry gas seal (duplicate) is currently being repaired (prior to testing).

Since 1996, more than 1,400 Dresser-Rand gas seals have been delivered or are currently being used in compression services. Some D-R gas seals have been running continuously for more than 11 years, and the total running experience now exceeds 10 million hours with no “hang-ups.” Dresser-Rand dry gas seals are available in a range of dimensions (2 in / 50.8 mm to 13.5 in / 342.9 mm), pressures (up to 2900 psi / 200 bar), and speeds (5,000 to 32,700 rpm), as well as various arrangements (single, tandem, double, etc.), and the materials comply with NACE standards.