SSS Clutch hopes to emerge strong after Covid-19

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SSS Clutch, a Delaware-based manufacturer of automatic overrunning clutches for high-power and high-speed applications, was remodeling its UK facility when the world went into lockdown. It paused construction for six weeks, delayed employees from moving in and instituted remote work.

“Things were far from perfect and seamless, but there has not been a huge disruption,” said Morgan Hendry, President, SSS Clutch. “The situation has helped us to establish better workflows and practices for the future. It prompted us to make positive changes.”

SSS Clutch obtains about a quarter of its business from marine propulsion, a quarter from mid-stream and down-stream oil and gas and from half power generation. Hendry said the company hasn’t skipped a beat on the operations side.


“We expect bumps in the road but not a fall off,” he said. “There will be some delays and cancellations within our oil & gas portfolio, but we believe our overall business will not see a material effect.”