How to Estimate Babbitt Temperature

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Once you have selected the correct thrust bearing style and size, you may want to estimate the babbitt temperature of the operating bearing. This is a good design practice when:

Bearing loading exceeds 400PSI (2.8 Mpa)

  • Collar surface speed exceeds 15,000 feet per minute (76.2 m/s)
  • Inlet oil temperature exceeds 120°F (50°C) or
  • Specifications limit maximum allowable temperature

To estimate the babbitt temperature at the recommended 75/75 position, use the graph on this page for steel shoes. If the temperature exceeds 265°F (130°C), you may be able to reduce it to a more acceptable level by substituting chrome-copper-backed shoe or offset-pivot steel shoes. Consult the graph below to determine if this is the case. For those applications where the babbitt temperature still exceeds 265°F (130°C), contact our Engineering Department for additional suggestions.

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