Howden launches API 611 compliant steam turbine for mechanical drive

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Howden has introduced the newly developed MONO CBA API 611 steam turbine. This steam turbine expands Howden’s portfolio of small industrial steam turbines for mechanical drive applications suited for the refinery/petrochemical industries.

Developed by the Howden engineering team in Germany, the MONO CBA steam turbine is designed with two-stage Curtis steam turbine rotor and features external journal bearings with power capability between 500 and 2000 kW. It also delivers up to 6000 rpm according API 611 with a maximum of 9000 rpm.

“Our axial Curtis stage shows a significant higher performance than single-stage technologies at speeds typical in mechanical drive applications,” emphasizes Dr. Matthias Schleer, Director of R&D and Technology. “This is mainly achieved by applying an inter-stage guide vanes and second blade-row. In order to reduce tip losses, the blade tips are covered with titanium shrouds.” The turbine can be engineered as bare shaft assembly consisting of turbine rotor, casing and bearings.

In the full-package option, the bare shaft turbine is fitted with gear and oil lubrication system according to


API 677 and API 614 standards, trip and control valves as well as turbine control panel and surveillance

systems. The turbine can also be equipped with bearing temperature sensors, shaft vibration and

position probes.