Howden-Raven SR Hydrogen Project

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Raven SR and Howden working on hydrogen compression


Howden is allocating hydrogen compression and syngas pump manufacturing resources to meet Raven SR’s hydrogen compressor demand for the next five years. This will provide more certainty in procuring key components for hydrogen fuel production facilities, including advanced compressors. Under the agreement, Raven SR and Howden will develop a standardized design for hydrogen compressors based on Raven SR’s standard plant sizes and reduce lead times by providing inventories of dedicated compressor parts.

Howden’s hydrogen solutions portfolio includes compression technologies such as Burton Corblin compressors. The Raven SR Steam/CO2 Reforming non-combustion process converts waste, methane, and natural gas into hydrogen and Fischer-Tropsch fuels. Additionally, Howden will supply compression for a Raven SR G Series (gas-to-fuels) system. Raven’s technology converts waste to hydrogen, aviation fuel, synthetic liquid fuels, and additives & solvents. It stands out for its conversion ratio efficiency.