Hyliion, Victory Clean Energy to Deploy up to 10 KARNO Generators for H2 Energy

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According to a non-binding letter of intent (LOI), Victory Clean Energy will buy up to 10 KARNO generators to deploy at H2 Energy Group’s hydrogen-production facilities.

Hyliion Holdings and Victory Clean Energy executed a non-binding LOI to deploy generators for Victory’s subsidiary, H2 Energy Group (H2EG). Under the LOI, Victory Clean Energy will purchase up to 10 KARNO generators from Hyliion for deployment at H2EG’s hydrogen-production facilities. H2EG will rely on the KARNO generators to produce electricity using hydrogen-rich syngas obtained from biomass to power its operations.

"Hyliion is thrilled to partner with H2EG, whose groundbreaking method for producing green hydrogen from renewable biomass is instrumental in propelling clean energy initiatives forward,” said Thomas Healy, Founder and CEO of Hyliion. “With our robust architecture and versatility to run on syngas, Hyliion’s KARNO generator will be well-suited for providing reliable heat and power to meet H2EG’s hydrogen production requirements.”

The initial five KARNO units will be delivered to H2EG in the second half of 2025, each capable of generating an approximate power output of 200 kW and a collective capacity of 1 MW. The company will also leverage the KARNO generators’ combined heat-and-power features, using excess heat to improve the efficiency of its manufacturing process. Upon the successful deployment of these KARNO units, the LOI includes an option for H2EG to purchase five additional generators.


"Green hydrogen, generated from renewable or low-carbon sources, plays a vital role in advancing global sustainability efforts. At H2EG, we take pride in producing green hydrogen from renewable biomass at competitive economics using existing technologies," said Christopher Headrick, Founder and Executive Chairman of H2EG. "Working with companies like Hyliion further strengthens our leadership in sustainability and enhances the efficiency of our hydrogen production facilities."

Hyliion’s KARNO generator is a fuel-compatible asset that utilizes a linear generator design to produce electricity economically and efficiently. The generator is designed to operate with a variety of fuels, including hydrogen, RNG, biogas, propane, and others. It requires lower maintenance costs and maintains a lower emissions profile when compared to traditional technologies.

This week, Hyliion and BayoTech signed a partnership agreement to leverage their hydrogen power solutions for new customers, which includes the KARNO generator and BayoTech’s BayoGaaS hydrogen production hubs.

“By pairing BayoTech's hydrogen solutions with Hyliion's KARNO generator technology, we will empower customers with a cleaner, more efficient alternative to traditional diesel gensets,” said Mauricio Vargas, President and CEO of BayoTech. “Our commitment to revolutionizing the hydrogen supply chain through local production hubs aligns perfectly with Hyliion's mission to deliver net-zero carbon electricity. Together, we're not just challenging the status quo – we're reshaping it for a more sustainable future."

In addition to running on multiple fuel types, the KARNO generator is designed for prime power, renewables matching, and energy arbitrage applications. It is undergoing the advanced stages of development and is scheduled for field deployment in the latter half of 2024 for early adopter customers. The BayoGaaS hydrogen production hubs have high-pressure transport trailers and storage hubs to ensure a reliable hydrogen supply chain for its customers. The partnership will support each company’s product offerings across both customer bases.