Ingersoll Rand Partners with HD Compression for Quebec Services

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The partnership will bolster the availability of compressors and air treatment equipment in the province.

Flow creation and industrial solutions provider Ingersoll Rand has announced a partnership with Montreal-based HD Compression. This collaboration will extend the provision of reciprocating, rotary, and centrifugal compressors, along with a suite of air treatment equipment, replacement parts, and CARE services, to Quebec, Canada.

HD Compression will facilitate improved access to compressed air products and services for customers in Quebec. The partnership aims to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of compressed air systems, with the backing of Ingersoll Rand's resources and product range.

In conjunction with Ingersoll Rand's compressor product portfolio and certified parts and service, the partnership between HD Compression and Ingersoll Rand promises local support of OEM equipment directly to the end user. HD Compression is now one of the 21 Ingersoll Rand distributors in North America.


Ben Ward, Director of Distribution at Ingersoll Rand, commented on the new partnership: "Al Giffen has a proven track record in the compressed air industry in Quebec and shares Ingersoll Rand’s values. We are pleased to have Al leading this initiative and are confident that HD Compression will provide spectacular customer service to our existing and new customers. Al’s knowledge, expertise, and 25 years in the industry make him the ideal leader for the success of HD Compression."

President of HD Compression, Al Giffen, stated: “The mission of HD Compression is to deliver […] systems, service, and support of compressed air systems in the market to our customers. To do this, we require the support and partnership of […] Ingersoll Rand.”

HD Compression brings compressed air system experience from various brands, including Ingersoll Rand, in centrifugal, reciprocating, and rotary technologies. HD Compression is the official distributor of Ingersoll Rand in Quebec, offering a range of services including sales, planning, installation, and maintenance of equipment to ensure continuous operation at client facilities.