Braden successor has booked $33.5 million orders Q1

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International emissions and noise control leader INNOVA Global Limited has won 

$33.5 million

 worth of new gas turbine auxiliaries' business in 

December 2017

 and the first quarter of 2018, reflecting strong international sales growth across 

North America

, Europe and 



Following a merger with industry peer Braden last year, INNOVA Global started 2018 with a backlog of contracts across all divisions worth more than CAD 

$115 million

, putting the expanded business in a strong financial position.

INNOVA Global's President and CEO 

Harry Wong

 said the latest quarterly order figures demonstrate the evolving success of the Company's strategic merger with Braden to drive global expansion and access new markets.

"About 50 per cent of all new sales orders were generated via our European division, or from projects abroad, including CAD 

$10 million

 in orders for air intake and diffuser systems to be fitted to gas-fired power stations in 




 and a US 

$2.18 million

 order for a power plant expansion in 


," he said.

The balance of the new business came through INNOVA Braden from clients working on major power projects in the US including CAD 

$7.1 million

 in orders for NOx and CO scrubber units on gas-fired power stations.


"Our expanding INNOVA Braden Retrofit Division also won a CAD 

$2.2 million

 exhaust silencer and stack order for a project on the West Coast of the 


 and we also picked up similar orders worth about CAD 

$2.8 million

 from clients for three existing power plant sites in 


. We are able to offer our customers guaranteed performance as a result of a gas turbine auxiliary equipment install base which is the largest in the world. Our extensive R&D program involving materials testing, a combination of CFD, FEA and flow modelling, large drawing database of installed systems, and in-house engineering expertise ensures we are backing up this performance," Mr. Wong said.

INNOVA Braden comprises of the INNOVA Global's divisions of Environmental Solutions (formerly Higgott-Kane and Braden Manufacturing), the Retrofit Solutions (formerly Braden Manufacturing LLC) in Tulsa and Consolidated Fabricators in 

Auburn, Massachusetts

 and wholly owned subsidiary INNOVA Braden Europe (formerly 

Braden Europe

) located in Heerlen, 

the Netherlands


The acquisition from Global Power Group in 

October 2017

 of Braden and CFI enabled INNOVA Global to expand its global reach with added market presence in North, Central and 

South America

, as well as Europe, the 

Middle East

North Africa


 and, Australasia.

Clients of the combined entity are benefiting greatly from the breadth of OEM prequalified product designs and solutions now available worldwide.