New EPA standards for compressor stations drive emission control contracts

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International emissions and noise control leader Innova Global Limited (Innova) has won multiple contracts from Oil and Gas sector customers to install 12 Carbon Monoxide Reduction (COR) systems to compressor stations in Pennsylvania to meet the State’s New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) amid the potential for more stringent emissions controls.

President and CEO Harry Wong said Innova’s COR system was designed to withstand the hostile environments caused by turbulent and high-velocity airflows and extreme temperatures, to provide reliable and long-lasting performance. “Importantly, we can adapt our COR system to provide customers with a retrofit option so existing equipment can be efficiently brought into compliance anywhere in the world,”

Compressor stations are installed at 40-to-100 mile intervals to move natural gas along pipelines, but they continually emit CO, NOx, and VOCs. The US Clean Air Act required the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set what are called New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) which apply to new and existing compressor stations.


The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) already required oil and gas drillers to record and report air emissions data and is monitoring activities for gathering compressor stations; while the Federal EPA NSPS regulations are requiring interstate transmission stations to install emissions controls and submit air emissions data as well. With the trend in stricter emissions control, there is potential that pending legislature may increase the requirements for emissions control, including considering all infrastructure along a pipeline as a single emitting source.

Meeting the NSPS targets has become crucial with the massive natural gas pipeline infrastructure that is being built to meet peak winter demand from customers in Pennsylvania, New York and New England and to move gas to coastal and southern markets for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports, power generation and petrochemical feedstock. Innova continues to supply COR systems to this and many other pipeline projects affected by the introduction of tougher regulations, successfully ensuring emissions compliance and peace of mind for both customers and end users alike.