Iran plans to change gas power plants to combined cycle plants

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Iranian Energy Minister Majid Namjou recently said his ministry plans to change the country's gas power plants to combined cycle power plants. Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, Namjou said the permission for the same has been received and related plans will be implemented this year, named as the year of "Political Epic, Economic Epic".

In February, Iran inaugurated Shirkouh combined cycle power plant in the country's Central province of Yazd, which has the capacity to produce 484 MW of electricity. It has been built on a 50-hectare stretch of land and is located 26 kilometers from Yazd. A total of 600bln rials plus 247mln euros has been invested in Shirkouh power plant.


In January, the Iranian president inaugurated Shahid Bastami and Quds combined power plants with a total production capacity of 648 MW of electricity in the country's Northern province of Semnan. Shahid Bastami combined cycle power plant with a production capacity of 324 MW of electricity is located in Shahrood city of Semnan province. Quds power plant with a production capacity of 324 MW is also located in Semnan.

Playing down the impact of enemies' pressures and sanctions on Iran's progress in industrial and energy sectors, he said, "Despite the desperate attempts and pressures of the enemies, there is no obstacle on the way of the Iranian nation's progress."