ITT to Invest $11M for Pump Testing Expansion, Project Awards Growth

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The investment will be allocated toward three industrial process sites in Germany, India, and Saudi Arabia to grow its pump testing services and large, flow-related project awards.

ITT will invest approximately $11 million in its Industrial Process (IP) sites in Obernkirchen, Germany, Vadodara, India, and Dammam, Saudi Arabia to increase its pump testing capabilities and expand the capacity of large project awards for its flow business.

“These strategic investments will further enhance our capabilities and customer experience and continue to differentiate ITT from the competition,” said Luca Savi, ITT’s Chief Executive Officer and President. “Our added capabilities will be a critical part of our commitment to becoming the preferred global flow provider by offering a solution through innovation, customer service, and flawless execution.”

These IP sites will grow the company’s power capacity in pump, motor, and control systems testing so that ITT can test larger, more complex pump packages locally. The completion date is expected to be in Q3 2024.


ITT’s Bornemann pumps site in Germany will be able to replicate field conditions using complete unit multiphase fluid testing, with a specialized focus on pump packages installed for global carbon capture and decarbonization applications. The investments at ITT’s Goulds Pumps sites in India and Saudi Arabia will support the company’s future growth strategy— ‘in region, for region’.

In January 2024, ITT completed an acquisition of Svanehøj A/S. Through the purchase, ITT’s Industrial Process division gained access to additional pump technology, cryogenic applications for the marine industry, and aftermarket services for these cryogenic applications. Svanehøj’s pump portfolio contains deep well gas cargo pumps, fuel and energy pumps, and tank control systems for low-emission and green fuels. ITT will fund the acquisition through a $300 million term loan, which took effect on Jan. 12, 2024.

At the Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia (TPS) in 2023, Todd Gerstenberger of ITT Goulds Pumps offered insight on the company’s focus at TPS and detailed the technology on display, as well as ITT’s solutions for pumping and fluid handling in the oil and gas industry. The VS6-style pump was one of the products on display, with the wet end built as a tie-rod style impeller and diffuser.

“What we've found is if you take that same type of arrangement and hang it on end, gravity and also the down thrust of the pump pulls everything straight and keeps everything in line,” said Gerstenberger, Global Product Manager at ITT Goulds Pumps. “A VICR product [can support] 34 and 35 stages.”

Gerstenberger also highlighted the latest upgrade to the Goulds 3700 single-stage, overhung process pump—a new oil filter. The component filters out contaminants and extracts moisture from the oil.