Jōb brings simulation software in-house

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Jōb Industrial Services (Jōb), an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company serving the oil and gas, power, materials and chemical industries can now perform advanced finite element analysis/computational fluid dynamic (FEA/CFD) analysis and directly implement results into its engineering designs using simulation software.

Ansys Engineering Simulation Software: Ansys Fluent and Ansys Mechanical, or "Ansys," is an FEA/CFD software that virtually simulates physical phenomenon (flow, reactions, heat transfer, thermal expansion, stress, etc.) in a defined physical system using mathematical numerical methods. The software is used to create a virtual model of the desired system/equipment, discretizing the model domain into millions of small elements/cells. Then, the software uses numerical methods to iteratively solve a set of complex differential equations for every one of these cells. Once all cells have converged, a system solution can be visualized in 3D.