Job losses, furloughs and pay cuts at Capstone Turbine

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Capstone Turbine Corporation's leadership team has taken a voluntary 25% temporary salary cut, as well as the fiscal 2020 Executive Bonus in equity in lieu of cash, if earned. Additionally, 28 other top company managers have volunteered to take a similar 15% reduction in salary.

Beginning March 30th, Capstone furloughed approximately 52 employees, leaving behind only staff deemed essential for day-to-day administrative operations for a minimum period of 45 days. Several employees will now return to work June 1st, most with the same 15% voluntary salary cuts, with others scheduled to return in a staggered manner through to the end of September. However, as a result of the continued global economic slowdown due to COVID-19 and the associated decline in global crude oil prices, the Company will be eliminating the positions of 26 employees on June 1, 2020.

During this period (March 30th - June 1st), Capstone will continue to have a limited production capability of new microturbine products, but had recently pre-built approximately 5.9 megawatts (MW) of microturbine finished goods during March 2020, for shipment during this period of suspended production. The Company reports it shipped 18 microturbines for approximately 1.2 MW during the month of April.


Capstone continues to maintain a crew of essential operations employees to manufacture service engines, remanufacture spare parts and provide service spares in support of FPPs and global distributor spare parts orders. In March 2020, Capstone pre-built and shipped over $1.2 million of critical service parts to our global distributors to ensure continued operations of their microturbine fleets during this time of uncertainty.